May we someday hear the words "well done" because others have felt His touch and love through our hands and feet and know they are important and special to Him.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blessed Again!!!

God never fails to surprise and amaze me.  I hope that many of you also enjoy this benefit of a relationship with Him!  Our sewing group has been featured in the online publication of The City Wire!  What an honor and humbling moment.  I am so glad that others will see how to make a difference no matter what happens.  That good will triumph if they allow it to in their lives.  And, I hope that those of you a part of this ministry realize how very, very important you are to the lives you touch, to me, and to God.  Thank you.  This article is to bless you!  Check out when you get a chance and I hope you smile!

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 2013 Work Meeting

A new year has started and we had a wonderful group of ladies that joined together that first Saturday.  It is such a time of joy and fellowship getting together to work on things for the babies of ACH.  We were able to prepare a large assortment of blankets and hats ready for sewing.  The preparation is the part that takes the most time.  When we have a group join together, we really knock out a lot of work!  And, it is great to visit as we get the work done.  For those of you unable to join us, we appreciate all the support you give and the prayers you lift on our behalf.  All together, we make a difference.  Over these next few weeks, a lot of sewing will be done and our February meeting will be able to be an extremely fruitful time.  The result will be a bounty of love delivered to ACH at the beginning of February!  Seems fitting as it is the month of love as Valentine's Day approaches.  Until we meet again, I hope that you have many times to show God's love to those around you and that your heart is full of blessings.  See you February 2!  We can watch for the groundhog together! :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I want to take a moment and share blessings with you.  God has a way of surprising us when we say "YES" to the ideas and plans He has for us.  The last few weeks, God has been busy, and as a result, we will be too!  

First, we have received donations of boxes of fabrics to use for shirts.  These are not just a few pieces.  These are beautiful and precious fabrics that will bring such joy to the families receiving the shirts made from them!  We will be able to make hundreds of shirts from these fabrics!  They will be so wonderful to give!!!

Next, God provided money to purchase flannel!  This means beautiful beds for the babies to lay on in the CVICU.  I want to share what this means.  It is important.  Imagine you were having a little one on the way.  You decorate the nursery.  You buy the cute sheets and bedding for the crib.  You have to because there are so many cute items out there and you want the sweetest and most precious for your little one!  Then, you find out that your little one will be spending the first part of their life in the CVICU.  Although it is an amazing facility with an amazing staff, it is not home.  It is not your planned and beautiful nursery and crib.  The items you have purchased will not fit or work in this hospital room.  You are now in a white and sterile room.  And with the stress of the situation it is a very hard time mentally and physically.  Then, one day you are given a flannel receiving blanket made by someone because they want you to know you are not alone and you are loved.  You get to use it as the sheet for the bed instead of the white that the hospital uses!  It changes everything.  Your little one is now laying on a pretty and cute bed.  Somehow, a piece of "normal" has come.  For a moment, your little one is just a sweet baby and not a patient.  You couldn't afford to buy these larger receiving blankets to fit the bed, but now God has provided one for you.  Your heart is blessed and you get a special moment of joy.

This ladies, is what our ministry is about.  Making a difference for those that are hurting, lonely, and worn out.  Letting them know that they are loved.  Letting the staff know that we are there to help them give the best to the little ones.  It changes things ladies.  Although I pray you never have the first hand experience of receiving the items we make, I hope you get to experience the joy that you make a difference!  Every little item we make, every few moments we spend, it all makes a difference.  Together we make a big difference.  And with God's blessings we get the joy of making an AMAZING difference!  I hope to see you Saturday!