May we someday hear the words "well done" because others have felt His touch and love through our hands and feet and know they are important and special to Him.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Let's Talk About Those Ladies

I run in to people and they tell me "you do wonderful work, but I could never do that".  I am here to tell are WRONG on both accounts!  Allow me to explain!

First,I want to clarify who does the wonderful work!  The "I" that does wonderful work, is a "WE".  There are a team of ladies that come and go as God knows our needs to make a difference together.  I used to worry about who might show up each month until I realized God was filling the room and the supplies with exactly what we needed for just that month!  It's hard to come to this peace, but when you do, it is truly amazing because you get to enjoy the journey and allow it to be the blessing it was designed to be.  I say all this to remind those of you that pour in to others, that you must allow yourself to enjoy the journey and never let stress rob you of this joy.  What gets done, gets done.  And that is enough.

Second, I want to clarify who can do this!  I want you to "meet" the women that do this and understand how God uses anything we are willing to bring to the table!  This is just a few of the ladies we have had the pleasure locking arms with to make a difference.  Take a moment to read about them and I am sure you will identify with at least one of them!
     Lady 1: This woman has been sewing most of her life.  She does fabulous hand work.  She's one of those you can depend on to finish what she starts and she always comes each month.  She comes simply with an open heart and asks what can she do this meeting.  She's a treasure and sometimes even brings goodies to share.  She works in the school system with kids every day.  You know she should be tired, but she still shows up.
     Lady 2: This woman has never sewn!  She is however, passionate about helping others.  She works with jail ministry and impacts many lives, but don't ask her to use a needle and thread!  That's perfect, because she irons the items for the others to sew!  She also cuts out items to be sewn.  Skills are not needed.  Just a willing heart.  Her kids are grown, but are still an active part of her daily life.  She spends time with her husband, time with Jesus, works full time, but still takes a few moments in a month with our ministry as well.
     Lady 3: This woman sews well and is always willing.  But, she is a very busy single mom running her own business.  Those two things alone would give her reason to not be able to have time to work with us.  What many don't know though is that she too has experienced Arkansas Children's Hospital first hand and understands the needs of those families.  It is for this reason, she makes the time to join us each month.  And, if her schedule doesn't allow, somehow she completes a ton of items at home and brings them by!
     Lady 4:  This is a young woman.  Early in her marriage, working full time, and remodeling her home.  The remodeling of a home can make anyone crazy and busy!  This young lady though has grown up with sewing and has a big heart.  She wants to make a difference so she does through this ministry.  She sews, irons, finishes...whatever the need that month she fills in...willingly.  Her smile is fantastic and brings such positive energy to our meetings.
     Lady 5:  This is a woman I have only met in person a few times.  She is busy and has a daughter with health concerns that have led her to be at ACH many, many times for many, many days.  She believes in this ministry and each year purchases flannel for us to use for blankets for the babies.  Without items like this, we could not impact even a fraction of the families that we do.  Resources are vital and she understands this.  We are humbled by her gifts.

It is my prayer that you take a moment to see that God uses everything you are willing to give.  It may be your time, your talents, or your resources.  You don't have to be what you consider wonderful or amazing, just be you and it will be used.  Together, we are wonderful.  Together we are amazing.  Together, we make a difference.  I hope you will join us and be a Difference Maker too!