May we someday hear the words "well done" because others have felt His touch and love through our hands and feet and know they are important and special to Him.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Easter is Coming!

Easter is coming....and we will be ready.  How many of you growing up had a special dress or a new shirt for this special Sunday?  Many of us had this blessing and continue with our own children.  Those in the hospital are no exception, and so we plan accordingly with our sewing!  We have a modified pattern that looks like little sundresses for the girls, and we use fabrics such as plaids and pinstripes for the boys.  Everyone deserves to have the ability to put on their Sunday best and know they are special because the truth is, these little ones and their families are very, very special to Jesus.

Easter is the most wonderful day of the year!  The day the curse of death was overcome so that all may have eternal life.  The day that allows those that hurt with the loss of a little one to know they are in Heaven waiting.  And, for those that we still have the pleasure to kiss and enjoy here, we will make it special for them as well.

Such a special day requires special clothes to celebrate!  I hope you will join us as we prepare our items for delivery in March to Arkansas Children's Hospital.  You don't need sewing skills, just a willing heart!  We will be sewing this Saturday morning from 10-1.  Please email for directions to and we look forward to seeing you there!

And don't worry, next month we will post the pictures of the final items before we deliver them!