May we someday hear the words "well done" because others have felt His touch and love through our hands and feet and know they are important and special to Him.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Ending 2014 Overwhelmingly Blessed

What an amazing year it has been! Our meetings in November and December wrapped up so many items! In December alone we delivered another 50 blankets, 20 shirts, 10 hats, and even 2 quilts from the smaller pieces of flannel!

During this year, we have had donations of time, fabric, and funds that allowed us to impact and bless many, many families. We have been covered by prayer, encouraged, and loved. This next year can be even bigger! So excited!!!

My heart is full of JOY unspeakable! In some of the hardest and saddest times for people as they watch and deal with the struggles and suffering of their little one, we have had the honor of being the love of Jesus to them.  Just letting them know they matter, they're not alone.  No words can ever describe or cover what this them or me. And, someday when you see His smile, you too will be speechless! I look forward to that moment, but until then, will see how much of a difference we can make!

I urge you that even if you cannot be part of our group, be part of something bigger than you.  Find something to use your talents (or learn new things) and be determined to be a Difference Maker in 2015!

Thank you and may you have a blessed 2015!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Drum Roll Please...

Wow!  A lot of hands each doing a part and we had an amazing October.  This will be quick as I just want to give you the totals.  We delivered items at the beginning of the month and then wrapped up a few more things for delivery yesterday.  So the totals are:

121 Flannel Blankets - These are used to cover the bed and give the babies a beautiful bed and soft bed to lay on because typically store bought blankets are way too small.
34 Shirts - Boy, girl, and pumpkins!  These are the specially designed vests we make that work with all the lines, cords, and wires these precious babies must have.
5 Quilts - Extra soft and perfect for wrapping around these little ones.
3 Lovies - Nice and small to fit in their bed with them and give a sweet snuggle!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those that made this happen!  Now on to fall and Christmas items!  I hope to see you tomorrow for sewing at my home!  Email for directions.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Long Overdue Update!

It has been too long since I posted an update!  So this may take a moment!  On the first Saturday of each month, ladies continue to show up and it amazes me EVERY time how much we get done!

Some of the meetings we spend time cutting and prepping and other meetings we get to spend time finishing items.  Because of all the work done over these last few months "prepping" items, in October we have had an abundance of completed items and delivered items.  The photos page is updated with some of these!  Check it out!  There will even be another delivery in October at the end of the month.  I'll give some totals then!  I can tell you now though, it's over 30 shirts and 70 blankets....  woohoo!  Many, many families will be blessed!

We were ABUNDANTLY blessed a few months ago to be given a wonderful donation of flannel!  So far, over 30 blankets have been made and delivered just from this blessing!  There will be many, many more.  I could never say thank you enough!  And because of a wonderful donation of beautiful threads, we had all we needed to do the blankets for the sweet babies.

God is truly, truly the ultimate provider.  His provision for this ministry is nothing short of a miracle.  It seems the more we pour in to this, the more He provides.  I can't explain it, but I am humbled and overwhelmed how so many of you allow Him to use you to make a difference.

Some of the shirts and blankets that were delivered last week were perfect for this fall.  Pumpkins and candy corn on the fabric!  Perfect!  Now, we start finishing shirts for Christmas!  I can't wait as they are so cute!  Hats are on the agenda too!  It's a cold time of year for these little ones.

Next month will be the black Friday sales and I am so excited!  Last year we were able to purchase a large amount of flannel for 75% off!  That is a huge savings!  If you would like to contribute to this year's in some way, just let me know!  That part is totally up to you and what is on your heart.

I pray you are blessed by the photos and updates.  And, that you too look forward to hearing the words "well done" when we get to Heaven!  Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Smile Moments

What a wonderful meeting we had this month!!! Over the last few meetings more and more has been completed and it turned out that we were able to wrap up the final steps on a lot of items in just a few hours!

Yesterday some of our awesome ladies delivered to Arkansas Children's Hospital a package with 32 shirts and 41 blankets for the babies and families of the CVICU.  These items are specially made to meet the needs of the CVICU patients. I will post photos in the next few days!

Wow! So many families will have a "smile moment"! Thank you to all those involved as well as all those that lift up this ministry.

I can tell you from personal experience, these "smile moments" are priceless. They are sometimes very rare.  There are no words for them. To know others care for your family that you don't even know, truly priceless. Although I hope those that read this don't need to experience this feeling, if you do, know there are people that love you, are praying for you, and working to bless you in the hardest of times.  These gifts are the best way we can.

Thank you again to those that work to make a difference in the lives of others (with this or in other ways). Someday, we will experience pure joy when God shows us the impact of our actions! Very, very exciting!!!

See you on July 5!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Give us this day, our daily bread..."

I have always been amazed at God's provision for this ministry.  He blesses it in abundance so we can bless so many others.  The delivery that recently made it's way to ACH was over 40 blankets, plus of course our shirts and hats!

As I prepare for this coming Saturday to join with friends again to sew and have fellowship, I know that I am out of white serger thread and will need to pick some up.  But when?!?!  I have a lot to get done before Saturday!  Then, I go through a package that arrived from a woman I have never met.  In that package is the EXACT thread that works best for my machine!  Not to mention, the package is full of all sorts of other goodies we will be able to use!!!

  I wanted to share this note because all of us have those moments when we feel like there is something we need to do, but we shrug it off and say I will get to it later.  Procrastination steals the joy of giving and receiving blessings.  Never doubt what God has working in the background that you don't see.  And, always, always, tell Him thank you when you get those showers of blessings upon you!

Have a wonderful day full of blessings!  See you Saturday!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Showers

Spring has come (and almost gone)! This Spring was showers of blessings. We were blessed with beautiful supplies and giving hands to make them into wonderful, wonderful items.  Although I haven't had a chance to update the blog, we were no less busy!  The first Saturday of each month amazing women show up at my home (as young as 3....) ready to have a wonderful time of fellowship while making a difference for others.  There are others who are unable to join us, but they contribute supplies and most importantly they pray for this ministry.  We were able to send an awesome delivery to ACH at the beginning of May.  And I can't wait to wrap up all the started items in our June meeting and have another bounty of blessings to deliver!  Check out the photos.  You will see all sorts of fabrics!  And, some of you will recognize items made from what you have given.  Thank you.  You make a difference!

Just wait until you see what the June update will have!!!  I look forward to sharing it with all of you!

Remember, everything you do makes a difference.  It doesn't matter what you intend, it matters what is done.  Will you allow your difference to change the world or keep it to yourself?  Will you choose to make sure the difference you make is positive?  Be intentional with the difference you make!  You will find it quite exciting when you do!

See you in June!!!!