May we someday hear the words "well done" because others have felt His touch and love through our hands and feet and know they are important and special to Him.

Monday, April 16, 2012

April Work Session Totals

We had a productive meeting on April 7th!  Thank you so very, very much for all of you able to attend.  One of the items that takes the longest amount of time is cutting out the little shirts.  With the group we had, we got a lot of those ready to sew over this month!  Here are our totals.  As you will see, the group was very busy!

25 receiving blankets cut
10 receiving blankets completed
13 hats cut
14 shirts (with linings) cut
4 fleece blankets cut

With this great start, we will have a nice delivery again for the CVICU at ACH!  We have shirt patterns cut out and available for you to take home with you.  If you would like one of these, please let us know and we will get it to you!  We will post the delivery totals at the end of the month once we have taken the items to them.  If you would like items to work on during the month, please let us know.  See you again this next month!

If you have the opportunity or ability, we are in need of fleece and flannel.  Thanks to some generous people, we have cottons for the shirts ready to go.  We have truly been blessed by these donations and can truly impact the lives of the babies and families because of you.  Thank you.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Delivery Totals

Wow!  What an amazing delivery for March!  So many of you did pieces that contributed to an amazing first delivery.  And, you blessed families and the staff more than words will ever be able to express.  There are no words how wonderful it was to see a precious little baby girl wearing one of our pink shirts made just for the CVICU.  We had this blessing before we left!  Can you imagine being a mom and not able to put a little shirt on your baby?  These mothers will no longer have this issue because of what you do.  And, if you are not yet a part of us, please check out the information on how to help.  Many, many more families can benefit from just a little piece of your time and talents.

Delivered to ACH CVICU:
18 Receiving Blankets (also to be used as sheets)
21 Fleece Blankets
22 Lace Easter Bonnets
26 Shirts
17 Crocheted Hats
19 Hats
2 Large Bottles of Dreft
Toiletries for the parents
Books for the parents

This is amazing.  And, the shirts work around lines, tubes, x-rays... they are completely usable by the staff!  What a blessing to give something to them that simply cannot be purchased anywhere.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for joining us in this ministry.  April delivery can be just as impacting!  Join us this Saturday to get started!!!  We need boy cottons and girl or boy fleece mostly at the moment.  Most of all, we need hands to help.  Thank you for considering us.