May we someday hear the words "well done" because others have felt His touch and love through our hands and feet and know they are important and special to Him.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer Delivery - WOW!

Over the last few months I crossed that bridge to officially being an empty-nester.  And, I admit it was and still is HARD!  My poor husband is still dealing with an emotional wife.  However, the removal of a big bed means big sewing space!  So as I moved furniture, organized fabric, and decorated...I shed some tears.  We work hard to raise children as God would have us do, but it doesn't make it easy to then change your job description for adulthood!

I spent a few weeks going through every single piece of fabric I have and organizing.  For you sewers out there, you know this took a bit of discipline and time!  The result though was well worth the time.  I had not expected the pleasant benefits I have experienced because of taking the time to set up the sewing space.  I can spend the same amount of time on projects for Arkansas Children's Hospital with our amazing volunteers but be at least twice as productive!  We can easily grab and use things without looking for them or setting up and taking down.  The result of this change can be seen in our delivery for summer!  There was a lot completed!

These volunteers turned out a beautiful bounty for delivery!  There were 42 shirts (several were preemie size), 5 beanies, 4 crocheted hats, 3 lovies (small blankets), 2 blankets, and 74 flannel blankets!

For those that are new to this page, make sure to take time to check out the photos!  Much of our fabric is donated!  We have been truly blessed.  The shirts are a custom design to work with all of the tubes, wire, and medical needs at ACH for the babies.  We make these because nothing else exists to meet this need.  The flannel blankets are actually used as a sheet under the baby.  They are larger than a receiving blanket purchased at the store so they fit the mattress of the warming beds.  More importantly than all of this, is that our gifts allow people in their hardest moments know that someone cares about them.  They are not alone.  This is our greatest gift.

I hope to see many more faces at our Aug 6 gathering!  We are preparing our fall delivery!  We have items to cut, items to iron, items to sew...any level of skill can make a difference.  Come be a Difference Maker with us!