May we someday hear the words "well done" because others have felt His touch and love through our hands and feet and know they are important and special to Him.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer Splash at ACH!

On July 2 the drive was made to deliver the summer items we had sewn for the babies of the CVICU.  It was a very emotional and wonderful drive that day due to the efforts of some incredible women.  Because of their efforts, the delivery for Arkansas Children's Hospital for summer was truly a summer splash!  We were able to deliver 106 shirts and 72 blankets!!!  In addition, 4 beautiful quilts made by a young girl learning to sew with her grandmother.  This was the most shirts we had ever delivered at one time!!!  It was OVERWHELMING!  Wonderfully overwhelming!

In May we were unable to have our sewing group meet due to an unexpected passing.  There was some concern (apparently only by me) of how would we ever meet our desire to make a big summer splash with our Summer Delivery.  Our April meeting had been fantastic.  We had some new ladies join us and really got a lot done for the upcoming delivery.  However, as I looked at all the finishing steps that needed to happen, I didn't think it would be possible before July arrived.  There was a lot to be done as you can imagine with a result of 106 shirts!  When we were able to meet again in June, the ladies were ready to go!  They worked fast and focused.  Then, they took some home and we did another short meeting later in the month.  More and more finished shirts just kept appearing.  It was as if Jesus just kept breaking the "bread" and more and more was ready.

I thought by now I had learned to expect miracles when you are doing the things God puts on your heart.  This delivery reminded me I still have a lot to learn about how big my God really is and how much He simply wants willing hands.  I am truly blessed to be surrounded by willing hands and beautiful hearts.  And, I look forward to see what He will do with the Fall Delivery!  It's going to be amazing and we hope you will join us!

Come be part of something incredible.  Join us the first Saturday of each month as we fellowship and sew for the little ones!