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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ending 2016 with a BANG!

What a fantastic and blessed year we had in 2016!  We had our biggest delivery to date!  What a BANG!  Over the course of 2016 there were many that joined us in providing items for the CVICU at Arkansas Children's Hospital.  And, I can say from personal experience, your gifts of items, money, time, and prayers make such a difference!  Knowing that someone you have never met cares about your little one is absolutely priceless.

I had the opportunity to go to ACH myself along with my sister and deliver the Christmas Delivery.  When we arrived, we grabbed a wagon to allow us to take in all the items and headed to the CVICU.  We had to hold the items in the wagon so they didn't fall out!  Once we got to the 4th floor, we found the amazing Libby.  Like all the ACH staff, she met us with full smile.  Of course, I don't think Libby is ever without a smile!  We had hats, blankets, shirts, and a giant box full of candy for the nurses.  It was Christmas, they needed goodies too!

A few months before this delivery, in October, we had a sewing retreat where the ladies that work so hard during the year just get away and enjoy.  We had new visitors this year and as you will see in the photo here, they came bearing gifts!  Check out all the little hats!  101 precious little hats!  We then made a few red stripe beanies to add to them as well!  Look at all the colors!  Imagine all the work to have 101 hats ready to go!

Our wagon was filled with 76 flannel blankets, 101 sweet hats, 32 beanies, and 52 shirts.  If you take a moment to visit the Photos page, you will see pics of all these items.  And, if you have donated, look closely and you will most likely see your donations in those photos!

Thank you for helping to make 2016 amazing! It has inspired 2017 to be even better!  Look for an update on 2017 soon!

Be blessed, and thank you for blessing us!  Happy 2017!

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